Mike Hopkins Motorcycles: Are motorcycles safe?

Rev up your engines and make sure you can go anywhere you need to go with a motorbike. However, how safe are they? Find out here at Mike Hopkins Motorcycles. Motorcycles are safe because  They Are Not Cars!

Cars are complicated. Motorcycles are simple. A car has hundreds of parts that can go wrong. Just one part on a motorcycle can bring the whole thing tumbling down. Take a car apart and there’s nothing you’ll ever have to buy or remember to fix. Put it together again and it’s like nothing happened. That’s why motorcyclists die ten times less often than car drivers. They don’t even have to be in an accident for the injuries to be fatal. One bump from another bike, one pothole, one poorly fixed headlight, one worn tire or one broken brake cable can be the end of you. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen to you. It just means it will happen 10 times less often. Which is still 100 times more often than it does for a motorcyclist, but 100 times less often than it does for a car driver. Here’s the bottom-line truth: The only way you are going to learn how to ride safely is by getting on a bike and riding. There’s no substitute. There are no classes, no books, no CDs, and no seminars that can teach you what you need to know.

Second is They Have Fewer Components Than Cars!

Cars have thousands of moving parts. They have a steering column with multiple parts (knuckles, tie rods, ball joints, etc.). They have power steering pumps and fluid reservoirs and hoses and belts and brackets and brackets … the list goes on and on.

But not motorbikes. A motorbike has two or three simple parts: a frame, two or three wheels, and an engine. That’s it. If one part gets broken, the whole bike is basically screwed.

If your gas tank gets punctured, you won’t be able to go any farther until you get it repaired. If your front fork gets bent, you’re gonna have a very difficult time staying on the road. If your brake pads get worn down, good luck stopping … even if you do somehow manage to stop. Basically, if something goes wrong with your motorbike, you can usually get a relatively easy repair at your local motorcycle shop … and still keep riding as soon as that repair is complete.

A car is different. Let’s say you run out of gas. What then? You’ll probably need a mechanic to remove the fuel injection pump, hoses, clamps, etc.