Motorcycle tune-ups: Bike parts you should check

Motorcycles are becoming more and more popular throughout the years. One of the factors people love most about them is their design, especially when kept in their best condition.

People who own motorcycles are in awe of the many activities that can be done with them. They can be used for long-distance travel, commuting, off-road rides, and races. Another factor people love most about them is that they are more fuel-efficient than cars, making them more convenient.

Here at Mike Hopkins Motorcycles, we have a wide selection of quality motorcycles you can choose from. We also offer services that can help ensure that your motorcycle is in its best condition. We perform motorcycle tune-ups as some of our services. If you’re planning to tune up your motorcycle, here are some parts that you should focus on. 

Tires and wheels 

Always make sure to inspect the bike’s tires and wheels. This will help you locate cracks and rubber and damages on the wheels. This is the part you should focus on since it has the highest tendency from being damaged because of the pressure and the friction on the road. In case the wheel is already getting worn out, you may opt for a tire replacement to ensure smoother rides. 


The chain is one of the fastest-wearing parts of a motorcycle. To avoid the risk of having them worn out, you must lubricate or tighten them often. You may also use some of your tools to grease the chains to keep them in their best condition. The best time to grease and clean them is when rust already starts to form. However, if they are already damaged enough, you may want to replace them already. 

Brake pads 

Another motorcycle part you should check regularly is the brake pads. To check this, remove the callipers to see if the pads are already worn out. In cases where they are already worn out, they must be replaced immediately. Checking the rotors should also be checked during tune-ups since they have better life spans than regular brake pads. 

Bolts and nuts 

Chains aren’t the only parts that need to be lubricated or cleaned. These aren’t just located under the bike since they are also bolts and nuts on the top side of the handlebars. Check these and make sure that they are not getting rusty. It’s also best to ensure that they are still in place. Problems with these are often characterized by rough starts. 

These are just some of the motorcycle parts that are highly recommended to be checked. Paying close attention to these on your tune-up will guarantee that your motorcycle will be kept in its best working condition. That way, doing your tune-up can be just as good as how we do it here in Mike Hopkins Motorcycles.