Best brands for 2021

Mike Hopkins Motorcycles: Best brands for 2021

If you’re looking to buy a motorcycle, one of the first things that are usually considered is the brand. You’ll want a brand that’s well-known for their motorcycles. With numerous motorcycles in the market from numerous brands, it can be daunting to choose which motorcycle to buy. This is especially true when buying your first one since you want to make sure it’s special.

People consider different brands of motorcycles for different reasons. Some consider the design of the motorcycles, while others consider the performance. Others meanwhile consider how customers are satisfied with the motorcycles they bought. Some also consider which brands have the most motorcycles sold when choosing which ones to buy.

Here at Mike Hopkins Motorcycles, we want to help you choose the right brand of motorcycle for you. We’ve considered every aspect of a motorcycle that customers will consider when choosing a motorcycle. Take a look at some of the best brands that you should consider buying this 2021:


Honda is the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world. This means that they have a lot of variety in motorcycle types with different performances to suit your needs. Honda entered the motorcycle business in 1955 and since then have produced and sold millions of motorcycles all over the world. Truly, a company that can find all your motorcycle needs.

Honda also offers different types of motorcycles so you will have a lot of choices. Whether you want a sports bike for its power and speed or a touring bike for its comfort and reliability, Honda has got a motorcycle for you. You can even get a small motorcycle or a scooter to navigate tight spaces in the city.


Being the second-largest motorcycle company in the world, Yamaha also offers most of the motorcycle types and designs that buyers are looking for. They were first established in 1955 and were leading water vehicle manufacturers. Despite this though, when they launched a 125 CC motorcycle, it won the first, second and third place in the Japan Motorbike road races in the same year.

You’ll be able to find some of the best types of motorcycles with Yamaha. From the all powerful sports bikes and even motocross to the touring bikes and scooters. You’ll find the motorcycle you’re looking for a Yamaha. Customers have also shown how much they liked motorcycles from Yamaha with the number of bikes sold over the years.


Known for their good looks, powerful engines and high prices, Ducati motorcycles can be considered top of the line. The Italian based company first started manufacturing engines in 1944, 18 years after they started their company selling vacuum tubes. They first created a 48 CC motorcycle which became the first-ever motorcycle they created.

From there, they improved on the design, the engines and of course, the number of motorcycles they could offer to the ones seen today. Ducati has produced several lineups of motorcycles over the years. But most of their bikes can be considered sports bikes. 


One of the most famous brands of Japanese-made motorcycles is Kawasaki. Their slogan, let the good times roll, speaks to the kinds of motorcycles they try to manufacture, making sure that the riders always have fun and make memories when riding. They’re also best known for the green colour of their bikes.

Kawasaki has produced several types of motorcycles from street/track motorcycles to off-road and motocross ones. You’ll surely find the right motorcycle for you. One of their most famous motorcycles comes from their ninja line which became the first bike to take the record of 330 km/hr riding speeds. 

The ninja line is also unique since it’s the only line of bikes that uses pure silver to paint these models. It made the bikes not only more attractive but also made the paint last longer.


The largest British motorcycle company, Triumph motorcycles were founded in 1983. They manufactured different kinds of motorcycles that are popular for buyers for their classic yet modern designs. Triumph has also manufactured different kinds of motorcycles from sports and roadster bikes to the classic and touring ones, and even electric motorcycles.

Triumph reached a record of sales in 2017 when it sold 9400 units of motorcycles in the UK. Triumph has also partnered with Moto2 World Championship since the 2019 season and has since produced MOTO2 models. They also started to participate in the races and winning championships which only showed the capabilities of the bikes they make and a great success for the company.


Despite being known for manufacturing cars, BMW Motorrad, the motorcycle section of the company, started producing motorcycles in 1923. Since then, they have used the same dual boxer type engine in all their motorcycles giving each of them the power and speed you want in a bike. In 2015, they set a record after selling 136,963 units of motorcycles.

BMW has produced different kinds of motorcycles for you to choose from, depending on your needs. Whether you want a powerful sports bike or a comfortable touring bike, even a small enough motorcycle for urban navigation, BMW has the right bike for you. They’ve also produced models with a focus on performance by having a displacement of 250 CC or higher.


Known for their larger engine displacement motorcycles, Harley-Davidson has made a name for themselves in the world of motorbikes. Engine displacement starts at 100 CC and goes up to 1700 CC, making every bike they manufacture powerful and has all the speed you need. The unique design coupled with different colours available will make any bike lovers’ day as it can be based on their tastes.

Despite manufacturing motorcycles at a higher engine displacement than usual, Harley-Davidson still produces a variety of bikes. From street bikes and cruisers to sportsters and touring bikes. They even produced electric bikes which gave customers a wide variety of bikes to choose from, continuously creating unique and formidable bikes for every kind of person.


Starting from weaving looms in 1909, Suzuki entered the automobile industry and gradually came up and manufactured motorcycles. They are currently known to be the 3rd largest motorcycle manufacturer In Japan and the 10th globally, producing a variety of motorcycle types for everyone to choose from.

One of their latest models, the GSX-R, is highly powerful, beating the top speed of 330 km/hr. In 2015, Suzuki returned to the racing world and continued competing with other brands of motorcycles. They are currently participating in moto racing winning different championships against others. Suzuki is also known to be the most affordable Japanese motorcycle making their global sales skyrocket.


Popular for their off-road motorcycles, KTM Sportsmotorcycle AG was formed in 1992 and since then, has continued producing motorcycles. The KTM company, however, started in 1934 and has continued producing off-road bikes. And in 1990, they started manufacturing street motorcycles before finally putting up their motorcycle company separately.

KTM has continued to be the largest motorcycle company in Europe since 2012. Having originally produced off-road bikes, KTM has proven itself to create all-powerful engines that provide both power and speed to the bike.


First starting manufacturing bicycles, Aprilia later on started manufacturing scooters and eventually, standard motorcycles. The Italian brand was founded in 1945 and once they started manufacturing motorcycles, they produced different types of motorcycles. From sports bikes to cruiser bikes, even those that can be used to navigate the urban/cityscape.

When Aprilian entered the sports bike market, they also started manufacturing bikes with engine displacements at 1000 CC for large sportbikes. They entered MotoGP, the premier class of motorcycle racing, from 2002-2004. Aside from that, they’ve also supported other moto racing events and competitions like motocross and other road-racing programs by manufacturing bikes needed for these events.

Most motorcycle brands nowadays offer the most common types of motorcycles. You can find a small motorcycle that you can use to navigate the narrow city streets, or a larger, more comfortable cruiser motorcycle if you’re looking for a long ride. If you’re into sports, there are motorcycle brands that offer motocross bikes for any off-road events or competitions, or if you just want to navigate through nature.

You can also get a sports bike to use on moto racing events and compete with a team. If you just want a powerful bike as you ride over asphalt and feel the wind in your hair, a sportbike will be your best bet.

The key to finding the right brand of motorcycle for you is to understand first what bike you need. Different brands of motorcycles offer different types so you can choose the one you want from this alone. Right now, the brands we’ve listed here are the ones that offer the most types of bikes. They’ve also sold thousands which shows how much people trust these brands. This is why these can be considered the best brands of motorcycles for 2021.