Bike Rentals

The thought of the ultimate Africa experience on the back of an iron steed is what life is all about. The rush of negotiating the meandering dirt paths that seem like they lead to nowhere is exactly the experience you crave. If the twists and turns and sudden break-away from tar is what you are after then our adventure rentals will provide the means.  Create your ideal adventure with a bike that can go anywhere you need it too with our adventure/touring motorcycles.

The Bikes & The Rates…

Triumph 800XCX

The Gear & The Rates…

Garmin Montana 650 GPS Rental @ 150ZAR per day

All of our rental motorcycles have the Star Trac Satelite systems fitted providing the following:

Satelite Tracking

  • GPS tracking with street level mapping in South Africa & Some surrounding countries
  • 24/7 Theft recovery in South Africa
  • Rider Down Notification
  • ER24 Medical Assist alert anywhere in South Africa
  • Motorcycle Tracking in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho