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Experience the freedom of Adventure Riding. Mike Hopkins Motorcycles offers adventure riders everything they need to make their dream voyages a reality.​

Advanced Riding School ​

Learn how to handle your bike confidently and safely in dangerous situations. Stay in touch to receive updates on our upcoming events.

Hire an Adventure Bike

Create your own adventure by hiring one of our adventure bikes and go on the ride that will stay in your memories forever. Visit our Facebook page here or visit our rental page.


Mike Hopkins Motorcycles strives to create such communities by participating in, supporting and organising riding events. If you love all things motorcycling, or you think you might if only you tried, join the next event.

Road Riding Events

MHM Road Riding events

Breakfast Run Info for 2018 coming Soon

Adventure Riding Events

MHM Adventure Riding Events

News Coming Soon

Riding Schools

MHM Advanced Riding School

Saturday 11th August from 2pm – 5pm – Killarney New Pits – Registration from 12.30pm

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