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Mike Hopkins Motorcycles strives to create such communities by participating in, supporting and organising riding events. If you love all things motorcycling, or you think you might if only you tried, join the next event.

Road Riding Events

MHM Road Riding events

Breakfast Run Info for 2018 coming Soon

Adventure Riding Events

MHM Adventure Riding Events

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Riding Schools

MHM Advanced Riding School

Saturday 11th August from 2pm – 5pm – Killarney New Pits – Registration from 12.30pm

Find the motorcycle you’re looking for at Mike Hopkins Motorcycle

Motorcycles are getting more popular and most people are now looking into buying them. They’re one of the best ways to travel, they’re more fuel-efficient than cars and they’re also versatile with their looks and uses. If you’re looking to buy your own bike, look no further as Mike Hopkins Motorcycle has got the motorcycle for you.

At Mike Hopkins Motorcycle, we dedicate ourselves to providing quality motorcycles, whatever style they may be. Be it a cruiser, mini bikes or even big bikes, we’ve got them all. You can find brand new bikes in our shop or if you’re on a tight budget, we also have a selection of pre-used motorcycles available. 

About us

Mike Hopkins is passionate about motorcycles and bought his first one when he was 21 in 1972. From there, he joined the motorcycle racing scene and was at the National racing level by 1974 and won the 1976 South African 500cc Motocross racing. 

Since then, he continued to compete and won races including seven Western Province Motocross Championships and five Regional Enduro Championships. 

Despite being forced to retire due to a back injury in 1987, he continued his passion through Mike Hopkin Motorcycles. He established the company in 1978 and is considered the oldest motorcycle shop in Western Cape. 

Take a look at some of the accomplishments of Mike Hopkins Motorcycles:

  • 1978: Husqvarna, KTM, Montessa, SWM and Maico agent
  • 1985: Became a Kawasaki agent
  • 1989: Became the first in South Africa to specialise in mountain bicycles
  • 1990: Sold the bicycle portion of the business
  • 2000: Became the Triumph agent for Cape Town
  • 2009: More focus placed on retail business
  • 2010: Opened a new showroom, 79 Roeland Street to sell the “Triumph experience”

Our services

Mike Hopkins Motorcycles have always been a distributor of different motorcycles. We sell some of the best motorcycles you can find from the most reputable brands. Aside from selling brand new motorcycles, we also buy pre-used ones and after tuning them up and making sure all are in good working condition, offer the bikes up for sale.

We also service motorcycles, checking them up, tuning them, and repairing any damages they might have incurred. We have a diverse team of mechanics and riders, all of whom are passionate about motorcycles. With the years of experience and the knowledge they gained, they’re able to repair a variety of motorcycles and scooters of different makes and models.

If you want to experience touring South Africa on a motorcycle but don’t have one, we can also rent out our motorcycles to you! Take note though that they won’t be brand new but they are working and are some of the best rental bikes we have. 

Each bike has GPS tracking and 24 hours medical assist alert anywhere in South Africa. This means that in case of emergency or accidents, we will be able to have medical assistance dispatched to you shortly.